Arteley renews its image and its services: alliance with Narita

ARTELEY since its founding in 2004 decided to specialize in the legal management of the art market and cultural sector, with a broad vision aimed at all disciplines in which their creativity is considered essential, and with a clear intention of seeking professionalization and internationalization of creative scope.

Fruit of our experience over the last decade and being aware of the continuous evolution of the market and the needs of the sector, so as legal consultant specializing ARTELEY joins forces with NARITA Design Studio.

Thus we offer a global services (360) applying the concept of design thinking, ranging from conceptualization of a business idea and / or artistic work for our customers, with a legal control of the entire creative process from its beginning, through registration, management and strategic planning around the main source of wealth of the creative sector is the intellectual property.

Along with image and design services, ARTELEY bid with NARITA study, the development of events, conferences, seminars and workshops around the legal management of creativity and the latest trends in the area of ​​design.

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