ARTELEY provides specialist legal advice and legal defense in the following sectors:


These sectors are related to very specific areas of law such as Art and Cultural Heritage Law, Fashion Law, Entertainment Law, Unfair Competition Law and Audiovisual Law, among others. ARTELEY offers this specialization.


-Management of copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, patents, i.e. the management of intellectual property and registration, surveillance, defense, and commercial exploitation.

-Drafting of specialized contracts.

-Constitution of legal entities.

-Creation of strategic agreements and alliances.

-Extrajudicial negotiations.

-Control of International trade activities.

-Defense before Courts and Tribunals.

Strategic Marketing and Planning

ARTELEY understands the needs of companies and creators when introducing their services and / or products in the market; to position, maintain and defend themselves. Therefore, we provide market research, strategic and action plans adapted to the individual cirumstances of our clients and with a special focus on intellectual and industrial property management as a source of “wealth” for the creative community.

Art Direction and design

With the intention to offer our clients global services, we have formed an alliance with our partner NARITA estudio. We follow the Design Thinking Model based on five basic steps: understand, define, ideate, prototype and testing/ evaluation.

NARITA estudio, through its director Mateo García, leads the coordination of this section of ARTELEY.

In this way ARTELEY’s service offer is 360º comprehensive; starting with conceptualizing a business or artistic idea for our clients, continuing to branding, packing, website design etc. until the final development of corporate identity and adaptation to various international markets.

With ARTELEY, this creative process is legally controlledin order to achieve full legal certainty, which is essential for success in the market. Our complementing services such as registration of digital content, trademarks, industrial designs, patents and other elements, all make up this creative development.  We also offer intellectual and industrial property management as well as strategic planning for internationalization of products and/or services or finding investors for our clients.

Cultural management

The extensive work and experience of ARTELEY in the cultural field and as legal and strategic advisor has brought us to pursue our own cultural activities in cultural management such as curatorship of exhibits, promotion of artists, event planning, finding sponsors and sponsorships, etc.

Also in cultural management, we want to provide all our gathered experience, forming an additional piece in the global concept of the creative consultancy we can offer.


ARTELEY has since the start been committed to professionalizing the creative sector and its industries. Here, continuous education and training is fundamental.

ARTELEY, through its director Carlos F. Lopez Abadín, participates as coordinator or and speaker at the International Seminar of Art and Law, following the signing of the agreement for his organization, between the Bar Associations of Malaga, Barcelona and Paris and the Picasso Museums of these three cities.

Aware of the lack of education and training in this sector, ARTELEY offers seminars, workshops and conferences to business and professionals with the intention to provide the necessary tools for managing the legal aspects of creativity.

ARTELEY is also aware of the lack of training in the legal field for artists and creative people in general, and specifically in the field of design, and so we offer, in collaboration with NARITA ESTUDIO, events, conferences, seminars and workshops around legal management of creativity and the latest trends in the design field.


japan desk

The services of JAPAN DESK arise from the need of specialization involved in professional and business relationships with Japan.

JAPAN DESK- ARTELEY provides legal, strategic, and art direction, design & branding services for parties interested in establishing relations with Japan as a mature market and as a gateway to East Asia (China , Korea and Taiwan ). Through our experience and expertise we are confident to help you eliminate cultural and linguistic barriers.

JAPAN DESK- ARTELEY also offers specialized services in legal matters, strategic advice and art direction, design & branding to companies and institutions in Japan, interested in creating business relations with Spain, and using Spain as a gateway to the Latin American market.

JAPAN DESK- ARTELEY pays special attention to both management, registry, vigilance and protection of intellectual, industrial property litigation and image rights (copyright, trademark, industrial design, etc.).  We also offer market entry services such as strategic plans, market research, positioning and adaptation of products/services provided by Japanese clients wishing to enter any Spanish speaking market.

Please, get in touch with us for more information. We would be delighted to assist you.

japan desk ジャパンデスク

JAPAN DESK(ジャパンデスク)サービスは、日本との専門職・ビジネス関係における特化の必要性から生まれます。

JAPAN DESK- ARTELEY(ジャパンデスク—アーテレイ)は成熟した市場として日本との関係を築くことにご関心をお持ちのお客様、または東アジア(中国、韓国、台湾)への玄関口としてご関心をお持ちのお客様へ向けて、法律、戦略、そしてアートディレクション、デザイン&ブランディングサービスを行っております。当社の経験と専門性により、文化と言葉の壁を取払い、お役に立てる自信があります。

JAPAN DESK- ARTELEY(ジャパンデスク—アーテレイ)はスペインとのビジネス関係を作り出すことにご関心のある日本企業や機関、またラテンアメリカ市場への玄関口としてご関心を持たれる日本企業や機関のために、専門分野に特化した法律、戦略アドバイス、アートディレクション、デザイン&ブランディングを提供しています。

JAPAN DESK- ARTELEY(ジャパンデスク—アーテレイ)は双方のマネージメント、登記、安全管理の基準に関する省令、知的財産権の保護、工業財産権訴訟や肖像権(著作権、商標権、工業デザインなど)まで目を配ります。また、当社はスペイン語圏へ市場参入をお望みされる日本のお客様へ、戦略計画、マーケットリサーチ、サービスまたは製品の位置づけ・適合といった市場参入サービスを提供させていただいております。